About Valleyside Automotive Company Preowned Auto Sales

When we started Valleyside Automotive Company, we looked at all the things we knew people disliked about car buying and made sure we did the exact opposite. When you purchase a car from Valleyside, we guarantee a relaxed, no-pressure experience – that means not rushing people to make a decision or pushing towards higher-priced vehicles. You set the pace and we follow. We make sure that every single vehicle on our lot is thoroughly inspected, serviced, reconditioned, and detailed to ensure that our customers purchase only clean, dependable, reliable vehicles. At Valleyside Automotive Company, we work hard to establish long lasting relationships with our customers and we are dedicated to one thing and one thing only – making the pre-owned car buying process something you will love. Come to experience the difference for yourself and get your ride at Valleyside!

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